Some devices


  • FM broadcast transmitter with MP3 playback (EasyFM) - Ethernet FM boradcast transmitter and MP3 stream player, based on EasyDABv2 board. More info here.
  • Quadrature upconverter/player firmware (EasyQDUC) - Ethernet quadrature transmitter/player, based on EasyDABv2 board. Can be used to transmit DRM(+) or FM-boradcast. More info here.
  • Full DAB modulator with Ethernet (EasyDABv2) - digital transmitter with Ethernet, that utilizes FPGA for DAB signal processing. It does whole modulation job inside FPGA and needs only ETI-stream as input. More info here.
  • SFN modifications of EasyDABv2 - special modifications of FPGA DAB transmitter, that enables multiple units to work in synchronous network. More info here.
  • Easy FPGA DAB modulator (EasyDABv1) - digital USB transmitter, that utilizes FPGA for DAB signal processing. It lower CPU usage for signal creation. The page is here.
  • Simple DAB transmitter - digital USB transmitter, that sends quadrature I/Q samples over the air is here.
  • FmStick - digital USB FM transmitter with RDS and other finctions, based on TAS1020B+SI4711-A20-GM here.
  • RocketFM - low-power USB stereo FM-transmitter 76-120 Mhz driver. Mod for increase output power of device here (external).
  • Receiver FM 88-108 Mhz with USB interface ADS tech Instant FM Music
  • Maxim MG1264/MG3500 - USB hardware H.264 encoder libcrusher264 (project freezed as-is).


  • Transmitter FM 88-108 Мгц with RDS-encoder console controlling application for SI4711 here.
  • Hauppage HD-PVR - USB capture card with hardware H.264 video and MPEG2-TS format description
  • Planet XRT-401D as remote mp3 player.
  • Dreambox DM500:
    1. tuxbox compiling guide.
    2. network boot guide.
    3. flashing backup guide.
    4. mumudvb and dvbshout patches.
  • Kyiv subway RFID cards description can be founded here.
  • Asus WL-320-GP as cardsharing device (project freezed).
  • NSLU2 with debian as icecast radio server and dvb-receiver (follow dvbshout page for more info).