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Amiko Alien2 Enigma2 BOOT problem

amiko bootAfter Amiko Alien2 bought, I tried to install AR-P image of Enigma2/PLI. But unfortunaly there was a problem with flash IC and bootloader.

 I able to boot only SPARK image, and even if I choose boot from enigma [ENIG] that i wrote to flash - tuner can't boot to it.








Dreambox Ethernet boot and NFS root mount howto

Dreambox Ethernet boot and NFS root mount howto ?
Guide by Scarto

1. Why?

2. What's needed?

3. Setting it all up.
3.1 DHCP
3.2 TFTP
3.3 NFS

4. "Doing it!"
4.1 Extracting the image
4.2 Retrieve and unpack the tools
4.3 Unpack the Dreambox image with undreamboxfs
4.4 Preparing the Dreambox file system root

5. Booting the Dreambox over Ethernet
5.1 Dreambox boot menu.
5.2 Connecting to the Dreambox via nullmodem and booting over Ethernet

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