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dreambox image backing-up and flashing

To flash an image using Telnet

This method will only work with a .img image file.

  • Rename the image file to backup.img
  • FTP the image file to the /tmp folder on the dreambox
  • Telnet to your box and paste the following command:
    cd /tmp && eraseall /dev/mtd/3 && cp backup.img /dev/mtd/3 && reboot

To telnet, click START > RUN and type Telnet ip.address.of.dreambox A command window will appear, enter username root and password dreambox.
To backup an image using Telnet

dreambox bought

Few days ago dreambox dm500s - is boughted.

I have done little modifications there: radiators are installed to main CPU and to Frontend IC.

It's not original device, it's only Chinese countrefact, but inside it almost like original, so i have new toy to make  something another than only satellite tuner...




dvbshout and mumudvb patches for dreambox

Patching tuxbox:

1'st you need cvs checkouted archive of tuxbox, can be downloaded here: tuxbox-cvs-checkouted.tar.gz
After installing all dependent packages you can patch tuxbox by various patches:

Dreambox Ethernet boot and NFS root mount howto

Dreambox Ethernet boot and NFS root mount howto ?
Guide by Scarto

1. Why?

2. What's needed?

3. Setting it all up.
3.1 DHCP
3.2 TFTP
3.3 NFS

4. "Doing it!"
4.1 Extracting the image
4.2 Retrieve and unpack the tools
4.3 Unpack the Dreambox image with undreamboxfs
4.4 Preparing the Dreambox file system root

5. Booting the Dreambox over Ethernet
5.1 Dreambox boot menu.
5.2 Connecting to the Dreambox via nullmodem and booting over Ethernet

compiling dreambox dm500 image under ubuntu linux

The following packages need to be installed in your ubuntu before you start creating any images.

Click on System, Administration, Synaptic Package Manager.

You will need to search for the following packages and install them:

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