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Fork from android going into android...

android's bad Long time ago (in Jule 2009) I repacked newly opened PacketVideo aac/aac+ decoder onto opencore-aacdec and now...

aac decoder library based on PacketVideo android's sources opencore-aacdec

This is aac+ decoder library, based on PacketVideo library.

opencore-aacdec used fixed-point implementation with assembler optimisation for ARM processors. It able to decode ADTS (and maybe ADIF) streams.

The decoder's core, provided in this tarball licensed on "Apache V2" license, and other parts of code - licensed on GPL.

Config parameters:

HE-AAC+ Codec as Shared Library

This is a home page or he-aac+ v2 library, based on the reference implementation. I created it to prevent ugly embedding of the same code to many Open Source projects and to maintain patches and fixes for it.

3GPP released reference implementations 3GPP High Efficiency Advanced Audio Codec (HE-AAC) Codec (3GPP TS 26.410 V 8.0.0).

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