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Low power DRM+ receiver implementation ideas


This is a list of ideas for creation of DRM+ receiver on low-cost component base that will utilize minimal power to be ready for making pocket receiver.


Using EasyDABv2 hardware as direct sampling transmitter with GnuRadio for producing FM or DRM+ signals

 fm or drm     Introduciton

So, can EasyDABv2 be used to send GnuRadio quadrature signals to the air? For sure Yes, it can!

With simply modified firmware, with removed DAB-blocks, this hardware  is turning into the EasyQDUC (Easy Quadrature Digital Up Converter). And it can be used to send any signal with 192KHz quadratude samplerate or lower. For example, it can be used as DRM or DRM+ transmitter, FM-radio station or any other signal transmitter that fits into ~182 KHz bandwidth.



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