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Fixing EasyDABv2 to prevent generating noise during cold start.


For all boards shipped before 1 March 2018 there is hardware bug found, when EasyDABv2 board starts-up at first time (so-called cold-start) it's producing wide-band noise during 1 second before FPGA boots-up. To fix this issue You need to solder 2K or 2.2K resistor to TXENABLE pin of DAC and to the GND (Ground pad).

Here is a video of turning-on the board (at the top-right corner) and it's spectrum with issue itselve BEFORE FIX and AFTER FIX:

Modifying EasyDABv2 for SFN operationing



This is step-by-step instruction on how to run EasyDABv2 board in SFN mode by using GPS-locked oscillator. Updated 05.08.2017

Supported GPS-receivers:

Single Frequency Network DAB trials progress using EasyDABv2 boards with GPS disciplined oscillators


This page describes steps needed to run EasyDABv2 board in synchronized network mode. This mode allows boradcasters to extend transmission range of DAB multiplex by adding more transmitters to the network but not adding new frequencies due all transmitters are using same frequency and increases area of same nearby transmitter.

Updated 28.11.2017



EasyFM FPGA FM stereo modulator with RDS and live stream MP3/WAV decoder


This page describes hardware/software for stand-alone FM broadcast modulator with RDS. The hadware is based on EasyDABv2, and no any modification is needed (in case if Low-Pass filter is used in output). If You have LFCN-225+ filter, you don't need any modifications and you only need to update board's firmware to switch into FM modulator. If Your filter - is RBP-204+, then broadcasting on FM band is not possibe, filter replacement to low-pass is needed. With this board and firmware You can broadcast on 88-108 MHz band as usual FM station.






Using EasyDABv2 hardware as direct sampling transmitter with GnuRadio for producing FM or DRM+ signals

 fm or drm     Introduciton

So, can EasyDABv2 be used to send GnuRadio quadrature signals to the air? For sure Yes, it can!

With simply modified firmware, with removed DAB-blocks, this hardware  is turning into the EasyQDUC (Easy Quadrature Digital Up Converter). And it can be used to send any signal with 192KHz quadratude samplerate or lower. For example, it can be used as DRM or DRM+ transmitter, FM-radio station or any other signal transmitter that fits into ~182 KHz bandwidth.



EasyDABv2 measurements results

 3 months are gone after release of EasyDABv2 hardware. It's time to publish some measurements and enchancements for this hardware. Here is short way of enchancing output signal.

FPGA DAB modulator with ethernet interface

 No more modulation process on PC. All modulation is done inside FPGA!

More info on it's EasyDABv2 page.

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