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EasyFM FPGA FM stereo modulator with RDS and live stream MP3/WAV decoder


This page describes hardware/software for stand-alone FM broadcast modulator with RDS. The hadware is based on EasyDABv2, and no any modification is needed (in case if Low-Pass filter is used in output). If You have LFCN-225+ filter, you don't need any modifications and you only need to update board's firmware to switch into FM modulator. If Your filter - is RBP-204+, then broadcasting on FM band is not possibe, filter replacement to low-pass is needed. With this board and firmware You can broadcast on 88-108 MHz band as usual FM station.






EasyDAB v2 (Ethernet interface DAB/DAB+ modulator)


This page describes hardware for Ethernet-based DAB transmitter (EasyDABv2). Last update: 02.03.2018

Easy FPGA DAB modulator EasyDABv1-USB



This page describes hardware for digital USB DAB transmitter, called EasyDABv1-USB. Take a look also to EasyDABv2-Ethernet modulator too, it don't need PC for modulation.