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Modifying EasyDABv2 for SFN operationing



This is step-by-step instruction on how to run EasyDABv2 board in SFN mode by using GPS-locked oscillator. Updated 05.08.2017

Supported GPS-receivers:

EasyDABv2 measurements results

 3 months are gone after release of EasyDABv2 hardware. It's time to publish some measurements and enchancements for this hardware. Here is short way of enchancing output signal.

FPGA DAB modulator with ethernet interface

 No more modulation process on PC. All modulation is done inside FPGA!

More info on it's EasyDABv2 page.

EasyDAB v2 (Ethernet interface DAB/DAB+ modulator)


This page describes hardware for Ethernet-based DAB transmitter (EasyDABv2). Last update: 02.03.2018

New FPGA-based USB DAB modulator (EasyDABv1) - is created!

New DAB modulator design! No more CPU-intensive job. EasyDABv1 with USB interface.

 More info at the device's page.




Easy FPGA DAB modulator EasyDABv1-USB



This page describes hardware for digital USB DAB transmitter, called EasyDABv1-USB. Take a look also to EasyDABv2-Ethernet modulator too, it don't need PC for modulation.