FPGA DAB modulator with ethernet interface

 No more modulation process on PC. All modulation is done inside FPGA!

More info on it's EasyDABv2 page.

I am still testing EasyDab2 V

I am still testing EasyDab2 V 404 FW 10.10.2016
It is real nice, very stable, output at 100% = 2 mW
The longtime test, running non stop for one week is done and I think this is ok. for production.
Temperature on AD9957 and Spartan6 is low enough.
To run without interrupts it needs a stable network and Internet connection.
We are transmitting up to 12 programs with 96 kb/s AAC+. The data flow with 9 programs is about 900 kb/s, indicated on the router status page.
Using ADSL connection there should be no other http traffic on the same connection to keep ETI flow stable.
In case of ETI flow interrupts the reconnection is fast.
The start up time depends also to the ETI signal access. The DAB radio signal can be up in about 5 seconds.
This is a very good work and promises nice EasyDab3 with SFN option.

Hello! I want to buy this

Hello! I want to buy this PCB! I am waiting for an answer by e-mail

 Just answered about dates to

 Just answered about dates to You in email.

This small FPGA is realy

This small FPGA is realy working fine. I purchased one view weeks ago and could make a laboratory demonstration. I think to get some more of them. This year we have to build up three SFN transmitters in Marseilles and it would be nice to do it with Easy Dab Mod V3. Maybe you have already a clear idea about how to do. Is it possible to make links to an external interface to GPSDO ?
Thank you for this nice work, Klaus

Initially, I'm planning to

Initially, I'm planning to implement simple SFN for it without taking into account actual second's value. The SFN algo would be:
1). wait fot second start pulse
2). start calculation of 16384khz pulses.
3). If pulses amount == ETI TIST value, then start transmission
4). Continue transmission until NULL symbol.
5). Don't transmit anything (actually this would be null symbol itselve) and go to (2).
The only problem - is that 10MHz source needs fractional resampling FIR filter, which may complify calculation of start transmission time.
Tne next enchancements after this implementation woud be to also compare second's values and use GPS-locked generator to feed AD9957 directly, that can be synced to 1PPS pulses.

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