GStreamer MPEG2 decoder, deinterlace and scaler benchmark results

Here is my benchmark results for MPEG2 decoders and deinterlacers, avaliable in GStreamer.



GStreamer compiled from sources, the versions of the software are:



Orc acceleration is enabled, the testing CPU is AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4200+ (2,2Ghz). The input image dimensions are 720x576.



 MPEG2 Decoder Resolution CPU Usage
ffdec_mpeg2video halfres 7...8 %
ffdec_mpeg2video fullres 10...11 %
mpeg2dec fullres 15...17 %


Deinterlacer Mode CPU Usage
ffdeinterlace none 3...5 %
deinterlace 0-tomsmocomp 32...34 %
deinterlace 1-greedyh 30...32 %
deinterlace 2-greedyl 8...9 %
deinterlace 3-vfir 8...9 %
deinterlace 4-linear 7...8 %
deinterlace 5-linearblend 8...10 %
deinterlace 6-scalerbob 7...8 %
deinterlace 7-weave 7...8 %
deinterlace 8-weavetff 6...8 %
deinterlace 9-weavebff 7...9 %


Scaler Mode CPU Usage
videoscale 0-nearest-neighbour 1...2 %
videoscale 1-bilinear 5...6 %
videoscale 2-4-tap 10...11%


TODO: benchmark for ffvideoscale (it must be faster than gstreamer's scaler).

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