Fork from android going into android...

android's bad Long time ago (in Jule 2009) I repacked newly opened PacketVideo aac/aac+ decoder onto opencore-aacdec and now...

As I turned out, peoples have problems with natively aac decoding on android, and tried to use various c/c++ libraries, like floating-point FAAD2 decoder or FFMpeg. But then I found, that my opencore-aacdec was forked into aacplayer-android and aacdecoder-android (with java bindings) especially for android developers.
So is it "historical circles"? Or it's a cry of help from developers, that want to make working apps, but android's SDK don't give all possibilites for "clean" development. Why each application must contain it's own version of AAC decoder, even if operational system already contains this decoder? Are You ready to keep unneeded waste inside your app?
P.S. Maybe we need a version of libaacplus that supports decoding? But it does not have acceleration for arm. Or we may port decoder from helix community, and re-invent the wheel?

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