Here is list of applications, that can help to create IPTV-enabled network.

  • getstream - Application tor retransmitting DVB-stream into network. Features:
    * Full transponder streaming
    * Support DVB-T/C/S/S2 (S2 only through multiproto API)
    * Transmission by UDP or RTP, with the possibility of sending to multicast addresses
    * Announcement thru SAP / SDP (VLC compatible) for multicast addresses
    * Transmission via HTTP flows for unicast-clients
    * High optimization for multiple transponders on the same machine
    mirror of this project and original page.
  • rtpdecsa -Dcrypter or network MPEG2-stream, it uses FFdecsa library from VDR (incredibly fast decryption happens on x86_64 CPU with SSE2). Link
  • VDR - Video Disk Recorder a digital satellite receiver program, which based on Linux and DVB technology. Program allows  to record MPEG2-streams, or transfer it to TV. It also supports watch DVD (with hardware acceleration) and use infrared remote control. Version, purified from unnecessary functions, such as OSD, MENU, KEYBINDINGS, SVDRP and others, can be downloaded here (not ready now).
  • dvbstream - This application is part of DVB-utils package. It allows to send up to 4 channels simultaneously on different multicast-groups. Link.
  • JustDVB-IT - A set of applications to work with transport MPEG streams (demultiplexors, multiplexors, packet injectors, hardware-solutions and others). Link
  • ADS tech Video to Go - Cheap hardware H.264 encoder, driver for linux - in development state

H.264-HD TS file sample (for ts decoding check) here
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/H.264 MP@L4: