Just small notes about GNURadio


If old modules used, there may be error, like this:


/usr/local/include/gnuradio/swig/gnuradio.i:31: Error: Unable to find 'gruel_common.i'
/usr/local/include/gnuradio/swig/gr_basic_block.i:26: Error: Unable to find 'pmt_swig.i'

Fix for this fund on maillist:

And patch is simple:


IPTV Packetizer for Gstreamer

This is GStreamer module that packetize 188 bytes TS packets into one UDP packet. I wrote it because I need raw UDP stream from gstreamer, but without packetizer each TS packet sent in UDP packet independently, but this makes highly packetized stream, where some packets may be dropped due rate-limit or shaper. So some solution for decreasing packetisation is needed.

GStreamer MPEG2 decoder, deinterlace and scaler benchmark results

Here is my benchmark results for MPEG2 decoders and deinterlacers, avaliable in GStreamer.



Fork from android going into android...

android's bad Long time ago (in Jule 2009) I repacked newly opened PacketVideo aac/aac+ decoder onto opencore-aacdec and now...

TI Davinci boards

ti-davinci  So, after digging the internets for a hardware solution for H264 encoder (as alternative to Maxim chips) I found TI chips, called "Davinci". Im totally change my developing way from boring reverse-engineering of hardware to "just make it works" with gstreamer pipelines. Yes, this devices may be a little more expensive compared to others, but "freedom - is not free".

DIB-120 восстановление прошивки через UART

Как-то писалось middleware для этого ящика, и всё время при переключении звуковых дорожек (проще говоря при выборе языка тв-канала) приставка всё время уходила в ребут. Через некоторое время мне это надоело и было решено сменить паршивку на приставке (было: 4.05.004, была найдена 4.05.005).

How to Reboot, Reformat, and Restore your Zune device (Now Includes Zune HD)

I find that many sync problems can be fixed by simply rebooting the device, reformatting it, or reinitializing it. Here is a list of the device commands for both V1/V2 and Zune HD devices. Try these actions first if you are having a problem with syncing to your Zune device.



I have free time, but dont know what 2 do, play teeworlds, or write something...

So XMLTV grabber for Eastern Europe (Ukraine Russia Belrus) have been written. In most cases it needed by MythTV to grab EPG from internets. You can choose site with needed content (like,, In addition it parses existing data and adds category/rating/credits into output XMLTV file.

grabber can be founded here.

aac+ encoder patch for ffmpeg




Follow steps below to patch FFMPEG that enables aac+ encoding.

You have to install libaacplus first!


Here is newer-patch for libaacplus2 code for debian/ubuntu linux:

dreambox bought

Few days ago dreambox dm500s - is boughted.

I have done little modifications there: radiators are installed to main CPU and to Frontend IC.

It's not original device, it's only Chinese countrefact, but inside it almost like original, so i have new toy to make  something another than only satellite tuner...




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